TOEIC preparation

Guidelines for preparing for TOEIC


Listen to the news on TV channels and radio stations in English as much as you can. To practice focusing on spoken English also watch TV shows and movies in English regularly.


Read any newspaper articles (online or in print) or Wikipedia entry that interests you. If you have time, read as many books in English as you can.


Work through TOEIC practice exam papers in order to familiarise yourself with the tasks and to get a feeling for the time contraints.

TOEIC preparation materials

The following files and documents will help you prepare for any TOEIC you are planning to take:
  • TOEIC Examinee Handbook: ExamineeHandbookWebReady812_11
  • TOIEC Practice Test 1:
  • For more information on TOEIC preparation, contact:
  • TOEIC Practice Test 2:
  • Audio files 2: